The fast moving life mode makes us run the whole time to catch our minimum requirements to leave.  Such a modern life style keep most of us at stress the whole day. Facing daily stresses and getting rid of its negativity is a must for a successful life. Accumulated daily negativity in us with time may result in serious psychological diseases. Unfortunately, the psychological treatments and its chemical medicine becomes a common need with our today life stresses for a lot of people worldwide. For instance, the depression becomes now days the second largest disease distribute around the world. Maintaining an excellent psychological health and moving towards self-development in the way of success and happiness is a main object for all human being. Some are considering part of the psychological diseases and life obstacles as hidden satanic diseases that represent devil power in the life. The devil himself is weak, however, the envy, magic and our sin will give the devil a high negative power to destroy our life that we should get rid of it. The key factor here to solve all your problems, either it is related to satanic diseases or not, is your inner positive power that should be raised to proceed in a successful life.


In this website, we are providing the easiest solution for psychological treatments, healing satanic diseases and self-advancing in your life. Also, if you are looking for a way to repair marital relation and make it stronger, and to develop your kids, we are providing a simple tool to achieve your dreams. Furthermore, if you are looking for autism and mental disabilities healing and solving learning difficulties, then we are providing here an exclusive solution for such mysterious and complicated cases. In addition, if you are interesting in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), then we are given here the easiest and cheapest way for subconscious programming that substituting NLP needs. Moreover, if you are looking for energy healing, energy therapy or spiritual healing such as Reiki school or others for self-healing, then we are offering here a complement and replacement for these schools by the Holy Quran energy healing. In this website, we are providing unique and exclusive audio files that program your subliminal mind to achieve your objectives in effortless manner. All what is required from you is just to play the audio file while sleeping to catch up your target.


There are several researches from prestige’s international universities approved the programming of human mind by subliminal messages. The application of hearing subliminal programming files for healing and development is available commercially in the international market since 1983. In this technique for human mind programming, there will be a file having a music or natural sounds in it while hidden positive massages towards the object of the file are recorded in a way so that human being cannot hear and recognize it by his conscious mind. So, when the subliminal file is played you will only hear the music and the natural sounds while at the same time there are subliminal messages taking you towards your life dream to make it true.


The subliminal audio files offered in this website are using the Holy Quran in instead of the music and the natural sounds. In these files, we have elected Quran verses that are very strong in burring the devil, envy and magic to accelerate goodness in your life. In a hidden manner, we have put all the verses of the Holy Quran to program your mind subliminally by the full Holy book. In addition, we have put hidden positive messages to program your subconscious mind towards the object of each file individually. The hidden positive messages in our subliminal files are uniquely and exclusively designed following Subliminal Mohammad's Programming System (SMPS), that is, a subliminal programming technique developed by Dr. Adel Al-Ajmi. The SMPS technique is advancing the state-of-art applied in subliminal programming since 19th century, and it has a registered intellectual property. The subliminal files adopting SMPS technique is exclusively available in the internet at this website.


Before using the subliminal audifiles you must read its instruction.

Christians, Jews and non-Muslims in general, can apply the provided subliminal audio files particularly for the treatment of people with special needs and psychological diseases as the holy Quran has been sent as a mercy for all worlds.


SMPS technique consists of six elements: subliminal audio program, subliminal carried program, subliminal water program, subliminal writing program, subliminal light program and Holy Quran reading which is a subliminal reading program. Playing the SMPS audio files offered in this website is considered as a healing and development element that you can rely on it totally, without a need to apply the other elements of SMPS technique. The total dependence on subliminal audio files for self-healing and development is universally applied broadly. It is just favoured but not necessary to apply all the elements of the SMPS technique. Adopting all the elements of the SMPS technique will accelerate your achievements. For instance, a case faced psychological torment for twenty years, other lost the hope in life and an autism baby all are recovered within three months by applying the maximum possible number of elements in the SMPS technique. To learn all the elements of the SMPS technique, you can sign in the online Arabic lecture for the SMPS technique and download the short book that describing it in Arabic. These are exclusively available in the Arabic page of this website.


However, instead of learning all the elements of the SMPS technique and adopting them, we have developed a stronger subliminal audio program called Golden Package Program. This audio file will accelerate achieving the targets without the need to apply all the technique elements as it is replacing them. It is highly recommended to give the priority in application for the Golden Package Program to reach to your psychological and behavioral balance and development in the shortest possible time with a minimized effort. Furthermore, for psychiatrists and psychological counselors and healers, the use of the Golden Package Program at sleep is considered as a smart self-charging element that works electronically without excessive effort and time. For these workers, it is suggested to utilize the golden program to support the overall productivity in life in a simple way.


Instructions to use thsubliminal audio files (SMPS Technique):

  • Play the subliminal audio file at the time of sleeping and adjust the sound level to a low position to ensure no disturbance for anyone else in the sleeping room. It is recommended to keep the subliminal audio file to play for at least 4.5 hours to have a subliminal programming by the full holy Quran. You may use the repeating feature of a media playing software to keep the subliminal audio file run during your full sleeping hours, as an optional action.
  • Use the subliminal audio file for at least 90 days and up to the date that you achieve your target in it. Do not stop playing the subliminal audio file even for a single day, and if you did so, then restart counting the days again after the break of the program. It is recommended to continuously playing the subliminal audio file for six months to have a deep subconscious programming for your objectives.
  • You can put your subliminal audio file in your smart phone and utilize your phone as a media player. In this case, keep the phone fare away from you by a meter or keep it in an airplane mode to preserve the health of your mind while sleeping. Have a backup copy of the subliminal audio file in another smart phone and always keep a fully charged phone power bank available as a standby plane to ensure continues daily programming.
  • Do not use headphones while sleeping at all and do not use them in the daytime more than an hour to preserve your general health.
  • Playing the subliminal audio file in the daytime is optional.
  • Ignore psychological or physical disorders that might raise after playing the subliminal audio file. Such symptoms are indications for the potential existence of satanic diseases. The verses of the holy Quran in the subliminal audio file are very strong burning verses for all devil powers, and as such, some hidden negative energy might appear by playing the subliminal file. By playing the subliminal audio file daily and ignoring all raised negativities its level will drop down gradually and disappear totally form your life.
  • If someone dislike or reject hearing the verses of the holy Quran in the subliminal audio file, then he or she should take olive oil and spread it all over the body or at least the head before sleeping for two weeks. After taking two week of olive oil course, one should try again hearing the subliminal audio file.
  • If someone is fully rejecting playing the subliminal audio file, then he or she should be transferred to a psychological doctor for medical treatment. After a month from the psychological medical treatment, one should try again to play the subliminal audio file as a complementary treatment to the medicapsychological tablets.
  • To support autism treatment, the case should go over an olive oil massage for the whole body or at least the head before sleeping. In the daytime, the autism case should have an olive oil massage on the head, stomach and at the bottom of the back. The olive oil massage course should be taken daily up to 7 weeks only. In the massage course, spread the oil in the hair is not necessary and what is important instead is the head skin.


All rights of the site products are reserved and it is not allowed to copy, distribute or publish the products. 


Dr. Adel Al-Ajmi

Developer of SMPS Technique

Instagram: @doctorajmi