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Programming for the Treatment of the Secret Negative Spiritual Programs for VIP (Telepathy)

There is a very special telepathy program designed to attack the decision making process for a VIP and divert it to specified points as per the attacker. Such a program might result in weakening the personality or psychological disorders for the VIP. In similar applications, a magic might be implemented to enhance the results. For more information, read the last page of Flashes of Thoughts Part 1 that is available at the end of the Arabic home page of the website.


For full treatment from this special telepathy program, the subliminal file offered in this page must be used for at leat 3 months, and there is no need to apply with it the other elements of the SMPS technique.


In addition, the offered subliminal file in this page can be used as a protective system by broadcasting radio waves of the file in the living areas of the VIP, without having to listen to the file. This will generate an electromagnetic field around the VIP that will disrupt and neutralize the telepathy processes and treat their effects smoothly if they took place.


Furthermore, the offered subliminal file in this page has all the benefits of the Golden Package Program with a stronger impact in addition to its anti-telepathy function. In particular, this file has enhanced by utilizing the Psalms of David in the programming system to support a positive protected soul. 


Before using the subliminal file, you must read its instructions on the home page.


After payment, a direct link from the website for downloading the subliminal file will be available, and an email with a downloading link will be sent to you too. Please be aware that, sometimes, the email containing the downloading link after purchase might be transferred to the spam or junk folder in your email account.


If you totally failed to download the purchased file, you may send an email for technical assistance to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.You may also contact us for any inquiry or assistance via WhatsApp Messenger at the following phone number: (+968) 95223324.


Price: $208,000 USD